Electroplating process: metal plating pretreatment process

Automobil surface processing network- perhaps many people think that as long as after plating processing of metal can reach the surface of the uniform density effect, although the original holes metal materials can pass the buttonedElectroplating processTo change its appearance.Electroplating process can change the texture and properties of the metal, but the effect of the quality of electroplating processing metal materials play a very important influence.One can, without a good metal raw material, it is a good plating technology cannot achieve its need plating effect,

Therefore attention should be paid to the following points before electroplating, metal parts to avoid due to the quality of the metal parts plating quality decline.

1. The parts in the process of process transfer or transport, likely due to not seriously to protect from mechanical damage, make the parts surface ditch, defects such as scratch, impact sag.If not eliminate, these defects parts after surface treatment will be duplicated, affect the appearance of the plating layer, even in leveling performance is very good for plating in plating solution, they also can't completely cover up.

2. The above parts parts machining burrs, sharp corners not chamfer edges or round,Surface treatmentLater, will cause the parts above edge parts of the plating layer of serious flaws.

3. On the welding components of the surface of the weld, if there is not clean welding slag,Surface treatmentWill affect the integrity and appearance of the plating layer.If the weld on the porosity, will not only influence the density of the plating layer, is more serious is that porosity will be entering into chemical solutions, for parts after surface drying, porosity in the solution will slowly seeping, light person near the stomatal frost, the person that weigh will becorrosionPlating layer around the hole.

4. On the parts surface such as a metal or non-metal impurities (such as not clean seal grease, paint, line painting, copper, not after inspection check) magnetic powder or phosphor adhesion, will affect the normal plating layer on the substrate plating, and the adhesion strength of the matrix and the continuity of the plating layer.