Development zone metal parts technology is more and more hot

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Report from our correspondent on June 2, the national one thousand program experts, NaTaiHu elite men tweety-c haun and hangzhou steam turbine co., LTD., zhejiang day spring surface holding tripartite cooperation founded in zhejiang embellish CCGT technology co., LTD., officially listed in lake city development zone.The next day, zhejiang palmer card heat treatment technology co., LTD formally opened in Huang Zhi shanxi area.Since June, the two leading metal technology companies have been set up at home and abroad, the development zone metal parts surface treatment technology is more and more hot.

It is understood that company of gas turbine technology in the tripartite cooperation is a win-win, development zone not only introduced a new project, will sweet excessive industrial park in the park 5000 square meters plant smoothly revitalize the vacancy.

It is understood that the hangzhou steam turbine co., LTD. Is a large state-owned enterprise, zhejiang province, is the domestic gas turbine research and development production of established leading enterprises, the company production of gas turbine in the construction of key projects in the field of national economy has to create a number of the first.And zhejiang day spring surface technology co., LTD., general manager of Dr Tweety-c haun is huzhou the introduction of overseas talent, successively in 2011 in zhejiang province "one thousand plan", national "one thousand project", "qianjiang talent plan", zhejiang province, etc., the company independent research and development of thermal barrier coating research projects to be included in the "major industrial projects in major r&d projects in zhejiang province" and funding support project.

Reporters on the scene learned that the new project points to break the monopoly of foreign multinational companies in the industry status, trying to form with independent intellectual property rights of thermal parts in the industrial gas turbine maintenance industry, and plans to involve new product manufacturing market.Tweety-c haun zhejiang day spring surface technology co., LTD. General manager, told reporters that the implementation of the project, will actively promote the localization process, gas turbine can also be used for the aviation industry, ship engine industry to provide valuable reference of experience and technology accumulation."In the field of gas turbine, more than 90% market share last year are monopoly by foreign companies, the establishment of the new project to be able to break the monopoly of the foreign capital enterprise in the market, also has considerable development for technology innovation and promoting role."It is understood that the project total investment 150 million yuan, implementation and put into production in one year, three years to 40 sets of gas turbine repair capacity.

On June 3 in the afternoon, lake city development zone, zhejiang palmer card heat treatment technology co., LTD formally opened.It is understood that palmer card focus on metal parts surface modification treatment, heat treatment has the world's leading surface treatment technology, especially the k4 sand-out processing technology to fill the domestic blank.The company is mainly engaged in metal surface treatment processing, use range is mainly auto parts, electronic parts, mould, etc.The company has a wide range of the latest surface treatment technology, all kinds of composite surface treatment can also be completed within the company.

According to the relevant person in charge of development zone, embellish gas turbine and the card in the heat treatment technology companies set up smoothly, will inject new vitality for development zone of high-end equipment manufacturing industry development and motivation.